Tu Nous Za Pas Vus Productions
Created in 2010 in Arles, Tu Nous ZA Pas Vus Productions is both a production company and a animation studio, led by the technical expertise and the artistic vision of three associates: Mathieu Rey, Thomas Giusiano and Marc Rius. From the storyline to the technical supervision, our wide set of skills allows a comprehensive management of every step of the creation process as well as the fabrication of high quality images and the fostering of original projects.


Martin is a thirty-something discreet loner. His grand-father just died. Martin spends his time shore fishing, drawing pleasure and comfort from this activity. Little by little though, Martin adopts strange rituals...
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A bright red Ford Thunderbird speeds thourgh the American desert. On board, Chuck and Terrence. One is white, the other is black. A strange idea in the 1959 United-States of America. On the back seat, a a sax case. At the end of the road, Billie Holiday.
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The Omelets is the name of a bunch of orphan friends. Along with the cute girl-next-door, they drag us through zany adventures, crossing paths with the ghost of Monsieur Rochochon, a pet-oyster, a breaded-sausage-looking dog, a farmer built like a tank, the dreadful short-haired gogobble and many other surprises.
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Kowloon, the world’s most densely populated city, is about to be dynamited. Yue, the dynamiter, does his last round, but he is followed by some sort of ghosts.
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Team DroniX’ follows the adventures of three drone enthusiasts, pilot Buck Roquette, designer Tim Chessmat and engineer Vicky Risk,
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Montmartre, 1885. Séraphine, aged 13, leads a monotonous life at Jeanne’s home, the grumpy seamstress who raised her.
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In a remote camp by the Vercors mount, six members of the resistance are fighting boredom, frustration and a rough everyday life. Joseph, the new guy is gripped by madness.
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A global exploration of the multinational that aims to establish itself as the only company that meets all of our needs ...
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Inspired by the work of Jack London, White Fang deals with redemption: a wolfdog, dragged into a spiral of violence has its feelings awaken by two humans.
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The Legendaries are brave, fearless and indomitable. By fighting the dreadful wizard Darkhell to prevent him from becoming even more powerful and to reign supreme, they broke the Jovenia Stone, reverting all adults into childhood.
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Victim of an accident, Marona remembers her different masters she has loved unconditionally. 
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Sahara tells the extravagant adventures of Ajar the snake and Pitt, the scorpion, through this hostile universe.
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Jean spends his holidays at his grandparents’ farm. He gives in candid yet cruel games on the surrounding animals. One day, Jean kills a tit by accident. He decides to take in the orphan hatchling to nurse him
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Set on saving his Christmas tree, Monsieur Hulot plant it in the middle of the roundabout of the place on which he lives. The tree grows so much that it entails a merry mess, and ends up transforming the neighbourhood in a never-ending party !
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