Montmartre, 1885. Séraphine, aged 13, leads a monotonous life at Jeanne’s home, the grumpy seamstress who raised her.
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Inspired by the work of Jack London, White Fang deals with redemption: a wolfdog, dragged into a spiral of violence has its feelings awaken by two humans.
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Victim of an accident, Marona remembers her different masters she has loved unconditionally. 
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Sahara tells the extravagant adventures of Ajar the snake and Pitt, the scorpion, through this hostile universe.
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Set on saving his Christmas tree, Monsieur Hulot plant it in the middle of the roundabout of the place on which he lives. The tree grows so much that it entails a merry mess, and ends up transforming the neighbourhood in a never-ending party !
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