Marc Rius
Written by
Marc Rius
Graphic designer
David Merveille
Les Films de Mon Oncle and Tu Nous ZA Pas Vus Productions

A snowflake in the sky of Paris …
On this December morning, Monsieur Hulot is merry : tomorrow, it’s Christmas ! While at the Arpel’s, it’s the rush : they are leaving their famous villa for a fully connected apartment. But the moving is not done yet and the snow storm of the century is about to pound Paris.
Monsieur Arpel is on the rack since for Christmas, he invited over Monsieur Sato, the world director of his company. Everything must be perfect, but of course, that plan does not take into account Monsieur Hulot…
Through a very modern mall with all sorts of peculiar gifts, on the Butte Montmartre, transformed into a ski resort or in the famous automated apartment of the Arpel’s, Monsieur Hulot will, as usual, bring about a joyful and poetic mess. He will drag us through a special Christmas, in a snow-covered Paris, where he will also meet Yuki…