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Pierre Coré
Written by
Pierre Coré, Stéphane Kazandjian, Nessim Debbiche
La Station Animation, Mandarin Cinéma, Transfilm Internantional
Station Animation Studios, Mikros Image (Canada)
Distribution and international sales
StudioCanal, Netflix
M6, W9, Canal+, Ciné+
TNZPV Studio took care of the preparatory tests for the look development, the animation, the final rendering and the compositing of the closing credits.

Sahara: before anything, it is about sand. Sand everywhere, for as far as the eye can see, waves of sand, crushed by a scorching sun. This is where lives the wildlife of the Saharan desert: snakes, scorpions, gecko, tarantula…. Sahara tells the extravagant adventures of Ajar the snake and Pitt, the scorpion, through this hostile universe.